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car wash near meWhen looking for a car wash near me, look no further than Teddy Bear Car Care. We have earned our reputation as excellent providers of both self service car wash facilities, as well as interior detailing. We understand the importance of appearances, which is why we not only take great pride in leaving your car looking just like new, but we also want to inspire confidence in potential new customers. That is why we do everything we can to ensure that your car leaves our self service car wash looking better than ever before. We also offer a boat detailing price list and can provide RV detailing near me.

Many people overlook the importance of regularly washing their car, which can easily be combined with some interior detailing, unaware that aside from driving round in a much nicer looking car, regular washing can lead to a whole range of other benefits. You should regularly be looking for a car wash near me in order to avoid the problems that come with dirt build up.

Why You Should Regularly Wash Your Car

Although a lot of motorists don’t realize it, the dirt that accumulates after many miles of driving can be damaging both to the surface of your car, and to some of the components within. This is particularly true for those who regularly driver their cars through built up cities where pollution is prevalent, so you should regularly look for a car wash near me when making frequent trips to such places. Tiny particles of dirt, dust, and other matters that comprise pollution can stick to the surface of your car where they behave like sandpaper; scratching your paintwork in the same way rubbing sandpaper against it would. Regularly visiting a self service car wash during your journeys into more polluted areas will help to mitigate this effect.

The paintwork of a car is there to protect the body underneath, and when the paint is scratched away because of dirt, the body beneath becomes exposed, both to dirt itself, and to the elements outside. Exposure of the body can soon lead to rust and corrosion. Wherever you go, be on the lookout for a car wash near me or for a self service car wash you can use, and make use of them whenever your car is noticeably dirty. The price of regular washings is nothing compared to the repair costs you will incur if the body itself becomes damaged or compromised. If it begins to rust and this is not treated promptly, it will gradually corrode the car’s chassis. At Teddy Bear Car Care, we understand these risks, whereas many auto repair shops are focused only on esthetics.

Allowing too much dirt to accumulate on your car can not only damage the car and reduce its esthetic appeal, it can also become a serious safety concern. The accumulation of dirt can reduce the performance of the brakes and can encroach upon mirrors and windows, reducing visibility. Where there is lots of dirt already, new dirt is more likely to begin to appear in places where it presents a hazard for the driver. When dirt accumulates, look for a car wash near me to avoid damage.

Dirt on a car can also effect the car’s performance on the road. Small particles of dirt reduce the aerodynamic effect created by the car’s shape, and if enough dirt builds up it can add additional weight to your car, further reducing fuel efficiency. Any buildup of dirt should be dealt with promptly by seeking out a car wash near me.

At Teddy Bear Car Care we therefore understand well that cleaning a car isn’t just about restoring its shine and making it look clean, it is also about ensuring our customers are safe and that they continue to have an optimal driving experience. We offer our carwash and interior detailing services alongside a boat detailing price list and our fleet services because we want to be able to offer all of our clients the same level of high quality care across a range of vehicles. Whether you are looking for a car wash near me or a transmission repair, we also offer a number of other auto repair services upon which we have built our reputation.

Self Service

At Teddy Bear Car Care we provide the facilities for a self service car wash for those looking for a car wash near me. We believe that in these times of rising automation, a self service car wash can still justify itself; self service washes allow the owner to control how long the wash takes and how thorough it is. We understand that for many people, their cars represent prized possessions and they are reluctant to let other people take control of their cleaning. Other owners find something almost meditative in the experience of washing their own car and for these people being allowed to perform their own maintenance is important. Another advantage of this method of washing your car is that it is a service that we are able to offer for less money than if a dedicated member of staff was required. Where we save money, you also save money! Perhaps that extra money will encourage you to seek out RV detailing near me to ensure that your vacationing vehicle is equally well taken care of.

What Does Interior Detailing Involve?

Detailing the interior of an automobile involves cleaning it from top to bottom and trying as hard as possible to restore it to a like-new condition. If you are looking for interior detailing near me then look no further than Teddy Bear Car Care where we take pride in the work we do detailing your car. Some auto repair shops offer detailing in a half-hearted manner because they feel they have to. Here at Teddy Bear Car Care, however, we are genuinely enthusiastic about the work that we do and want to do everything we can to ensure complete customer satisfaction To that end, we offer a comprehensive detailing service that will both vacuum and dust your car to rid it of any particulate matter which could build up to cause grime, or to interfere with other components.

Our expert mechanics know all the tips and tricks for temporarily removing components and making sure our vacuuming reaches those hardest to get to places. Whether you come to us as a result of searching for RV detailing near me, to check our boat detailing price list, or for some detailing of your automobile we are always happy to help and will always strive to deliver our consistently high standards of service when you come to us looking for a car wash near me. We understand that when you bring your car in for a detailing, you aren’t looking for a quick clean up of only those areas where the dirt is obvious. You want a full head to toe clean out of your car that completely eliminates any trace of waste from within. To this end, we at Teddy Bear Car Care are always eager to help.

It is inevitable that at some point your car will need to be washed, and while automatic car washes are fine, they lack that human element  A car wash can only follow a sequence of pre-defined steps, it cannot assess the quality of its own work or adjust its behaviors accordingly. Remember this when looking for a car wash near me. On the other hand, our self service facilities allow you to make sure that every area is clean and allows you to take as long as you like to achieve this. Combined with our detailing service, you can leave us with a car that hasn’t looked so good since it rolled off the assembly line.

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